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Mr. Paul was born in the university town of Iowa City, Iowa. His family moved to the Orlando vicinity when he was ten, and he has been a local resident of the Central Florida area ever since. Mr. Paul graduated from Lake Brantley High School, where he was active in sports - particularly golf. He went on to the University of Florida and obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, minoring in History. Thereafter, Mr. Paul traveled to Tallahassee, and attended Florida State University College of Law. While in law school Mr. Paul held a position as a law clerk for many specialized boards within the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Mr. Paul also held a law clerk position with the Office of the Attorney General - State of Florida, Economic Crimes Division. In this position Mr. Paul assisted in the handling of multimillion dollar law suits against parties defrauding the citizens of Florida and seeking to price gouge in times of emergency (such as hurricanes and tornados).

Mr. Paul graduated from law school and became a member of the Florida Bar Association in 2007. He returned to Orlando, Florida, and immediately began his work as defense counsel for a successful workers' compensation defense and civil litigation firm. With that firm Mr. Paul focused on defense of cities, counties and state workers' compensation claim, and became extremely knowledgeable on complicated workers' compensation issues such as the Florida Heart/Lung Bill that addresses heart and lung disease in first responders. Mr. Paul also represented businesses in civil litigation on issues such as manufacturing defects, premises liability, and products liability cases.

From there, Mr. Paul moved on to a position with a successful statewide law firm dealing with commercial banking and lending. Mr. Paul managed a large caseload throughout the state, ranging from Pensacola to the Keys. Additionally, Mr. Paul authored several winning appellate briefs in this position. Mr. Paul dealt with matters such as commercial foreclosures, homeowners association dispute, condominium owners association disputes, local zoning and planning board disputes and eminent domain.

However, missing the workers' compensation defense practice, Mr. Paul chose to return to this area of practice. Mr. Paul actively litigates cases statewide and is constantly working to minimize his clients' financial exposure in all levels of workers' compensation claims, from medical only to permanent total disability claims. Mr. Paul represents third party administrators, employers, carriers and servicing agents in the workers' compensation arena.

In addition to being a member of the Florida Bar, and licensed to practice by the Florida Supreme Court, Mr. Paul is also licensed to practice in the United States Federal Court - Southern District of Florida. Mr. Paul also relishes the opportunity to give back to the community that has given him so much. Mr. Paul is an active board member in the Friends of 440 organization that awards scholarship monies to children and family members of those impacted by workers' compensation accidents and/or injuries. Mr. Paul is also a reading mentor with the Adult Literacy League, where he assists adults that have difficulty with reading and comprehension better understand the written word.

 Jonathan J. A. Paul  Esq.

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